Health Watch


Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Solution Architecture
  3. Hardware & Software Designs
  4. Links


Health Watch is a wrist band which monitors certain variables in the body, such as the heart rate, blood oxygen level and temperature. This product is mainly targeting the elderly people and those who need health monitoring on a daily basis. Not only does it monitor the health, it also maintains a database with the recorded measurements of the users (patients) and the data will be accessible by the people who look after them through a mobile and a web application. Health Watch will also indicate if the above measurements are beyond the standard rate.

Solution Architecture

As, mentioned previously, the solution we are proposing - Health Watch, which is a wearable device around the wrist, comprises of necessary sensors to measure the mentioned biomarkers. The end product is expected to have an appearance similar to the image attached below.

Hardware and Software Designs

The sensors used

MAX30100 Integrated Pulse Oximetry and Heart Rate Sensor

LM35 precision centigrade temperature sensor

ADXL 345 Digital Accelerometer


Sensor module MAX30100


Functionality is according to the MQTT Protocol