Mixed reality based simulation platform for Swarm Robotics



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The term “Swarm Intelligence” is the collective behavior of a combination of many simple individuals, where they operate autonomously. “Swarm Robotics” is the application of swarm intelligence used in collective robotics. This has been a new approach to the coordination of mass of robots that are capable of local communication, decentralized controlling, autonomous and also operations based on biological inspiration senses. In order to achieve the highest effectiveness of swarm robotics applications, virtual reality has been used.

Mixed Reality (MR) was originally derived from Virtual Reality (VR). When designing MR systems, users are provided with the illusion that digital objects are in the same space as physical ones. Mixed Reality is typically correlated with Virtual Reality by the solutions that have been made to address the problems related to robotic applications. However, the use of MR was clearly identified as very useful from just only VR implementations by its flexibility, scalability and availability with respect to each implementation.

Testing and experimentation of robotic applications could be made far easier than VR with a significant increase of control over various environmental constraints and limitations. Hence, we combined both the virtual and physical robots and created a swarm robotics platform in mixed reality. Furthermore, we conducted some experiments to test the functionality of the system in the mixed reality environment and represent the behavior in the web-based simulator we developed.