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Agriculture sector has always performed as a major economic force in Sri Lanka, making a significant contribution to the national economy, food security and employment. At the same time agriculture is the livelihood of the majority in the rural sector and plays a key role in alleviating rural poverty. This has been well recognized from the time of independence and there has always been a cabinet portfolio set aside for the agriculture sector.


Lack of laborers, the difficulty of finding labourers or can't afford daily wages for them are some of the main problems that today's farmers are facing. Not only that less knowledge about environmental conditions and pests also a problem faced by farmers.


The solution to the problem will be an automated robot to automated the seeding process as well as to identify the environmental conditions.


Why AgriBot?

Smart Farming is a widely growing area. In smart farming user can monitor their field via smart device and control the watering, fertilizing autonomously. With this concept, people tried to develop into the next level. They want to use robots into the field to reduce the labour work. There are robots which can do seeding, cropping, identify diseases and literally everything. So now people are not just monitoring the field, they can maintain the whole field and labour cost is minimum.

So you will ask if there are already machines which can seeding, why do we need an AgriBot? The answer is normally there are some machines which consume a lot of power because they have heavy machinery components. They have a lot of disadvantages like, they have huge drilling components which turn upside down the field area, not good for the soil creatures and soil structure, sound and air pollution, not good for small seeds. In that case, AgriBot works really well, it can map the whole field and seeding. Agribot is the only drill point where we need to put seed. Also cost-effective, lightweight and eco friendly. This is the best way to seeding small seeds in big areas. Another thing is very easy to operate through a user-friendly mobile app.

AgriBot for Greenhouse farming

AgriBot is the best solution for modern Greenhouses because those are full covered areas which have sensitive sensors all over the place. Because in greenhouses every condition which plant will depend, is measured and controlled accurately and another thing is there are tap lines all over the place. For areas like this, you can’t use heavy machinery or drones to seed plants and AgriBot is the perfect solution.

Solution Architecture

Mobile Application

Android mobile application is available for the AgriBot. The app is designed using Android Studio. Mainly the app is used to configure the robot while temperature and humidity readings can get through the mobile app. Both these procedures happen through AWS servers.

Automated Robot

The robot is used to plant seeds over a farming area.We use ESP32 SIM8000I as the microcontroller of use robot.An MPU6050 and encoders are used to navigate the robot in the farming area. An ultrasonic distance sensor is used to identify the obstacles in the path of the robot.A drill bit is used to dig the ground and put seeds. Motors are used to drill the land and control the drill bit.

Web Server

AWS server is used as the webserver for the AgriBot. Initial parameters which we will take by mobile app are passed to the robot through this server. Firebase database is used for store the credentials details as well as the specific data of the Robot.

Highlevel Diagram


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Mobile Application

Frontend UI

Server Backend



3D Model
Hardware Components
Circuit Diagram

Our Team

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Nipun Dewanarayane


Denuke Disanayake


Our Advisors

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Dr.Isuru Nawinne

Dr.Ziyan Maraikar

Dr.Upul Jayasinghe


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