Smart Pour

An automated coffee machine that is controlled by an app

The Smart Pour is an improvement for traditional coffee makers. Traditional coffee making is inconvenient with today's hectic lifestyle. We, as a team, came up with a more convenient coffee making system that can be controlled by an app.


You can schedule your coffee at anytime and enjoy a hot coffee whenever you want

Ingredient tracking

You can know the ingredient amounts from the mobile application and shortages by notifications.

Customizing user’s preference

Smart Pour can store the recipes of the users.So you can experience your favourite coffee without any effort

User friendly interface

Smart Pour mobile application is very easy to handle and it's with simple structure which anybody can understand

High Security

Smart Pour is high security product only users with password can operate through the mobile application


Smart Pour device can be used for a long time and it will provide you a satisfied service

Solution Architecture

Mobile Application

An Android mobile application is available for SmartPour coffee machine to allow users to remotely make coffee in a scheduled manner as well. The mobile application sends a notification when the coffee is made and reminders for scheduled coffee.Users can log in to the mobile app anytime to check the availability of the ingredients to make coff.The app is designed using Flutter.

Web Server

AWS server is used as the web server for the SmartPour System. Signals from sensors are passed to the mobile application as well as control information from mobile applications are passed to the machine and response mechanisms through this server. Database which is used to store favourite recipes, availabilityof the ingredients and logs of the system is hosted at the server.

SmartPour Machine

The coffe making is done in the machine. The pouring of coffee, ingredient seperation, ingredient tracking is identified through sensors. It will consist of wireless sensors suchas ultra-sonic sensors, reflective optical sensors, valves and servo motors. NodeMCU is used as the microcontroller of the SmartPour and ESP8266 WiFi modules are used for wireless sensors.

Processing Unit

The Processing Unit handles all the data processing and remote communications. The storage containers have the ultra-sonic sensor to track the ingredients availability. The valve is used to seperate liquid and servo motors are used to seperate dry ingredients from the storage containers. A reflective optical Sensor is there to detect the availability of a cup before pouring the coffee. The machine consists of storage containers to store ingredients. A heater and motor are used to boil water and stir the ingredients respectively. The power supply is given via current electricity.

The processing unit also consists of inbuilt Wi-Fi via an ESP8266 Development board. Through this the consumer can directly connect our device to the internet through their home router and send data to our server

App Demo

The mobile aplication is implemented using Flutter technology and Dart language. All the features and functionalities have been completed. Some unit testings and validation tests have been done for the application using Flutter test cases. To enhance the user experience, a simple design with a user friendly interface has been used.

Back End

For the backend, springboot and mysql technologies are used. The whole backend is deployed on Amazon Web Services(AWS) cloud as EC2 instances. Backup services, S3 services and security services given by AWS are used for this process. This demo shows the relational database implemented for the project accessed through EC2.

3D Model

This is the expected prototype view. Dimensions can be slightly varied due to the components of the real hardware.

Week 1

Idea Selection

Week 3

Software and Component Selection

Week 4

UI & Circuit Design

Week 5

Front End Development

Week 7

Back End Development

Week 8

Cloud Development

Week 9

Hardware Development

Week 10

Integrate Software and Hardware​

Week 11

System Testing & Debugging​

Week 12

Performance Evaluation

Shazna Isthikar



Odasara Karunachandra



Mishel Rossmaree