This is a contact tracing mobile application along with a web application to trace the the close contacts of covid 19 and chronic kidney disease infected persons. GPS and Bluetooth technologies will be used to trace the contacts

Problem Overview

PROBLEMS RELATED WITH COVID-19 ( Communicable disease )

PROBLEMS RELATED WITH Chronic Kidney Disease/CKDu ( Non-Communicable)

As a solution, we are proposing to build a contact tracing mobile application as well as a web application. We are planing to use both bluetooth and GPS to track down the contacts of the infected person.

Solution Overview


To trace the close contacts Bluetooth is used.

To track the whereabouts (History of the locations visited) of the infected person GPS is used.

Using this GPS data, a proper dataset is created. Then this data set will be processed using data mining and machine learning techniques to provide the users with HIGH RISK ZONES on a map , Future predictions of the spread of the disease.

Chronic kidney disease

Data of the infected people are uploaded by the health officials. This dataset is then subjected to data mining and using machine learning techniques, users are alerted when they enter a high risk zone and predictions are made for the third party authorities so that necessary precautions can be made to minimize the spread.

Solution Architecture

Data Flow

Mobile App Demo

GPS tracking

Web App Demo

Requirements Analysis

Functional Requirements

System should be able to trace close contacts of an infected person.

Mobile application

Web app

Non-Functional Requirements




UML Class Diagram

Use case Diagrams

Mobile app

Web app

Machine Learning Proposal


-Based on the covid infection,recovery and death counts prediction in trends are made (Forecast) -Based on Geo-locations Hotspot identification and spreading rates are identified. -Based on bluetooth data cluster formation and spread of the cluster is predicted.


-Based on the infected , recovered and death counts of specific locations the trend in spread is predicted