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MediCare is an automated system, which worries about your healthcare 24x7. It automatically notifies your loved ones immediately in emergencies and monitor your health conditions, detetcting any abnormality, anytime, anywhere.

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#1 Why you need this?

'Cardiovascular diseases' is one of the major causes for deaths in today's world. Sometimes, people pass away suddenly and sometimes there is still time to save them if the right medication is given as soon as possible. It is always about the time.

Also, even after a surgery there are occasions where things get complicated and regular monitoring is essential.



Deaths due to CVDs each year


Percent of all deaths around the globe

And not only the sudden accidents that are occuring due to the cardiovascular diseases but day to day activities can be a cause to an accident. Therefore in order to make sure the elderly people’s health and to take care of them by giving proper attention is really required.

Now there is no specific range of age to get sick and to face accidents we all need to look after ourselves. Therefore, it is good to keep track of our heart rate in order to make sure whether we are in good condition or not.There should be a method which does not cost more money or time to keep track of our health without being limited to an age or any specific diseases

App Features

Solution Architecture

Our Solution

Our solution is to implement a wrist band which reads heart rate, oxygen level and body temperature.

Analyzing the above data, our system can detect an emergency situation and can act as customized.

Features of the System

Monitoring heart rate, oxygen level and body temperature.

Provide summary

Send notification to care givers in a emergency situation

Send location in an emergency situation

Send medical reminders

Main Components

Our system consist of three main components. They are wrist-worn device with sensors, cloud server and mobile application.

Embedded Device

Relevant health parameters such as heart rate, blood oxygen level and temperature are read from the sensors in the wrist-worn device. These data is continuosuly transmitted to the cloud server by 3G signals, using the 3G module included in the device.


In the server, the obtained data is analyzed and if any abnormal behaviour is detected in these health data, it immediately notifies the user and asks for his confirmation. If the user is unable to response to this notification in a given time, emergency notifications are sent to the contacts, which the user added into the system. User can customize this notification system and to whom these notifications are sent.

Mobile Application

The mobile application directly connects with the cloud server and it shows a real-time summary of health data of the user, which was obtained from the cloud. User can add, update and remove the contacts which he intends to notify in case of an emergency. Furthermore, he can setup a list of reminders for his medications. The user is supposed to confirm taking this medicine or otherwise it alerts him or his caregivers (the latter is optional).

Sensors and other hardware components

Hardware Components

  Component Details Supply voltage  
Basic circuit design

Circuit Diagram

Removing ATMega328p from arduino board

Circuit Diagram


Basic 3D model of the product

Demonstration videos

Mobile app

Wrist-worn device

Hardware and Software testing


Since in this project we are working with medical parameters, it is really essential to make sure the hardware components are working properly and giving the readings correct. Also we have to test the physical arrangements of the sensors inorder to get the reading with higher accuracy. Software side is going to be tested from the beginning to ensure that analysized data is displaying in the proper manner.

Test cases

Bill of Materials


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Department of Computer Engineering

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