Patient Monitoring System for Ambulances

The aim of this project is to provide a system to measure health parameters of a patient in a ambulance and send the real time data to the hospital through a device.So that hospital can monitor them via a dedicated web interface and also ambulance can maintain a direct connection with the hospital via a mobile application.Also some features are included to make this procedure more convenient....

There’s no existing system to monitor and sending the realtime health parameters of the patients while they are taken to the hospital by Ambulances. In some scenarios, due to the lack of facilities and resources, patients are transferred from one hospital to another hospital. This can be inconvenient for both parties; the patient and the hospital. It might be a risk to the patient’s life as well. Even after admitting to the hospital, it may take some time to arrange things for the patient and check the status of the patient. Other than the test results, the Status and the condition of the patient are normally conveyed by a guardian of the patient and there can be reliability issues in such information.This is the problematic situation we're gointg to address.





    The technologies we used for build up our system is as follows.

  • For the cloud server system AWS IoT Core has been used which allows clients to publish and subscribe messages related to different topics.
  • There're main 3 categories as the clients. namely; Hardware device which programmed using Arduino IDE & C++, Web application and Mobile Application which are created using Flutter.
  • All these 3 clients use MQTT protocol to communicate with the thing in IoT core and in there these messages are handled by MQTT message broker
  • Web application and mobile application retrieve data from database which created using Amazon DynamoDB through two gateways which implemented using Amazon API Gateway which consists of a collection of REST APIs
  • HTTP protocol is used in this process and relevant functions are implemented inside AWS Lambda to retrieve data from Amazon Dynamo DB


    In this system two main information has to be stored.

  1. User Credential details which are usefull when login to the web application and the mobile application.
  2. Information about Hospitals which are useful when suggesting nearest hospitals and connecting with them.
    Mainly 3 AWS services are useful in the data retrieving & storing process in the database.

  • For the Database Amazon Dynamo DB which is fully managed, serverless, key-value NoSQL databasehas been used. It consists of built-in security, continuous backups, automated multi-Region replication, in-memory caching, and data import and export tools.
  • Functions to aceess the database are implemented inside AWS Lambda which lets to run code for virtually any type of application or backend service without managing a server.
  • To create and RESTful APIs which enables real-time two-way communication applications Amazon API Gateway is used. (Here REST APIs act as the front door for applications to access data, business logic, or functionality from the backend services)


  • User credentials for both the end users (hospitals, medical officers)
  • Connection to the app is authorized by the device
  • MQTT - Authentication - AWS certificates
  • MQTT - Authorization - AWS Policies
  • HTTP - Authentication - AWS certificates
  • HTTP - Authorization - AWS Roles
  • Both are end-to-end encrypted


NodeMCU ESP8266 CP2102

Microcontroller Unit with inbuilt WiFi module


Temperature Sensor


Heart rate, Pulse rate & Oxygen saturation level sensor


GPS modem to track the location





Front view
Inside the device
Back view
actual device

actual device

UI Design

UI Design

Mobile Application

Login page
Patient's details
Hospital selection
Health parameters

Download Mobile Application

Desktop Application

Login page
Hospital dashboard with patient cards
Patients' summary report

Transfer requests
Details of a selected patient
Admin page

Download Desktop Application

Project Demonstration



Software Testing

What was tested ? How was it tested? Test Results
REST APIs Tested for responses for GET, PUT, DELETE requests to the end point APIs
Web application functionalities Checking proper rendering of real time data on the on the UI & user logins for authentorization & authentication , functionality of widgets
Mobile application functionalities Checking for proper rendering of real time data on the on the UI & functionality of widgets and user inputs

Hardware Testing

What was tested ? How was it tested? Test Results
MAX30100 Measure relevant health parameters from a real person & compared with values from dedicated devices
DS18B20 Measured temperature of a real person and compared with the valuesgot from dedicated devices
NEO6MV2 Measure longitude,lattitude, altitude of a moving vehicle & compared with values from dedicated devices
More details about testing



Item Quantity Price
NodeMCU ESP8266 CP2102 1 2000
Temperature Sensor DS18B20 1 480
Heart rate & Oxygen sat. level sensor MAX30100 1 900
Temperature Sensor DS18B20 1 480
GPS Modem NEO6MV2 1 1700
128*64 Oled mini display 0.96 inch 1 870
Female to female jumper wires(40pcs) 1 220
Push button, Switch 1 80
Copper board (5cm*7cm) 1 250
4.7k Ohm resistor, LED strips 2 250
Outer cover & Other - 5250
Total 12000


Ruchira Tharaka

Team Member

Piyumali Sandunika

Team member

Didula Induwara

Team member

Dr.Isuru Nawinne

Project Advisor

Dr.Mahanama Wickramasinghe

Project Advisor