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This is a system which helps to save their lifes before, and after accidents happen. This system alerts the user about upcoming traffic signs which helps the driver to drive carefully following rules. After the accident happens, this system alerts the emergency contacts about the accident. Apart from these features this system acts as a community of drivers which can help other drivers in need in emergency times. Mobile application notifies the nearest accidents to the users to help the users who have met accident. In the application, users will be registered using firebase authentication. During the authentication, user’s data including emergency contacts is taken during this time. A user can register to our platform by scanning QR code. Then that device will be registered to particular user. Sensor readings, and predictions are shared with cloud, and data will be stored in firestore. Cloud queries firestore. If an accident is detected, emergency contacts will be notified by the cloud function.


App Interfaces

Harware Model

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Implementation Method


Design and User Manual

User Manual

Design Manual

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Budget Details

# Material Cost (Rs.)
1 Raspberry pi Model 4B 9 000.00
2 Gyroscope Sensor 1 000.00
3 Web camera 1 700.00
4 ADXL345 480.00
5 SIM808 GSM/GPRS/GPS Module With Antenna 4 080.00
6 Speaker 1 500.00
7 Power adaptor 1 250.00
8 Raspberry pi fan 260.00
9 Miscellaneous 5 000.00
Total 24 270.00

Application overview

Demo for Traffic Sign detection

Demo for accident detection



  • Angular position
    Road signals

  • Location – Whenever accident happens
    Sensor values – Always
    Road signals – Always

  • User details

  • We make sure that the device will be working all the time by using a battery to supply power in a power faliure.

  • By using object detection we make sure that the correct road signs will be detected by the device.
    Also, all the features are tested to make sure that they work properly according to the requirements.

  • Many users can use the system without having any crashes in the system.

  • Unauthorized parties cannot access to the information send to the cloud. (Users informmation, accident information etc.)

  • By using accelerometer and gyroscope readings. When the readings are greater than a specific threashold value, which is calculated using an algorithm a accident will be detected.


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Dr. Mahanama Wickramasinghe

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Senior Lecturer

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