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An Elegant Smart Compost Management System

The smart compost management system is capable of monitoring and managing compost mixtures by adding air and water and other essentials when needed.

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The smart compost management system is capable of monitoring and managing compost mixtures by adding air and water and other essentials when needed. Usually when making compost in household we dump kitchen scraps & leaves into a bin & we let it be converted to compost by keeping it for a long time. This process is called anaerobic composting. And there are few problems in this method. They are, it will take years to happen, anaerobic composting causes a higher output of methane gas, attracts rodents, and emits hydrogen sulfide and cadaverine.

Currently it’s hard to find a proper solution for this problem in the local market. Our solution for this matter is aerobic composting. This method uses oxygen to feed the microorganisms that break down the compost. From this method usable compost can be created within a month if the essential requirements were given. And this method won’t create methane. We can measure the temperature, moisture, methane gas output of the compost mixture and these readings can be displayed through a web and mobile interface. Our system will recognize whether the compost mixture has been made or not by using the sensors and it will let us know when the compost is ready. According to the measured readings we can add water and control the air vents of our compost bin automatically.

Our Approach

Aerobic composting

The Better Way to Compost

Perfect Quality Monituring

Methane gas is not created

Ready at glance

Perfect quality compost within four weeks

Easily Adaptable

Can be easily implemented to an exiting system

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Smart Composter looks almost everything for you to get high quality compost within four weeks of time! It easy to setup, portable, and easy to use.

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Smart Composter Overview

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Smart Composter Bin Functions

Our Product

simple design

Big Picture

big picture

Embedded Circuit Schematic

embedded circuit

Embedded Circuit Implementation

CAD design for the Embedded Circuit

Control Flow

control flow

User Interface - Home


User Interface - For a single bin


Relationships among all user interfaces


Technologies Used


Version control and documentation


Cloud Deployment


Web and Mobile interface designing


Database System


Data structure


Website Design

CAD Modeling

Hardware Component

Solar Panel

As an additional power supplier

Lithium Ion Batteries

To power the components

LCD Display

To display sensor readings

Water Pump

To added water when required

Methane Gas Sensor

For monitoring the qualtiy of compost

Moisture Sensor

To measure the moisture content

Temperature Sensor

To measure the temperature of compost


Main Microcontroller

PCB Designing

pcb designing used toner transfer method

Enclosure Designing

laser cutting method (perspex used as the material of cutting)


prototype photo prototype photo 2

Team Members

N.S. Dharmarathne

Team Member

G.D.R. Mihiranga

Team Member

D.H. Mudalige

Team Member

Our Supervisors

Dr. Isuru Nawinne

Senior Lecturer

Dr. Mahanama Wickramasinghe

Senior Lecturer

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