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Our Product Will Keep Your Things Safe

These days we have heard some cases of stolen bags and laptops of students inside the university premises. It happens mostly when students go to the library or laboratories. It is because they are are not allowed to enter those places with the bags, They have to leave them outside,and there are not enough facilities to ensure their security. So as a solution, we will develop an intelligent locker system for those places.

Currently there are some lockers to keep the bags and other belongings in those places, but those lockers needs some more security. Our locker system will connect a considerable number of lockers to mobile application. Students can book a locker using the application, but the booking will be cancelled if the locker is not occupied for two hours. To unlock a locker, students should select a locker number and open it using the mobile application, fingerprint system or numerical keypad. After getting the bag, students must lock the vault. If the student has left something in the locker after leaving he/she will get an alert from the app and no one will be able to occupy the locker until they are removed. The system will also include a rechargeable battery as a power backup incase of a power cuts.


Solution Architecture

High Level System Design

The system will consist of four main parts.
1. Locker as hardware part
2. Android application for daily users
3. Web Interface for admin users to manage lockers
4. Firestore database as the database


Hardware & Software Designs

Hardware Design

This is how hardware parts of the locker will interact with each other.


Application Screen Flow


The mobile application will have simple user interfaces. The screens of the application will navigate according to the above diagram.

Developed User Interfaces

Web Interfaces
Mobile app Interfaces

The mobile application will have simple user interfaces. With the intention of ensuring safety, trust and reliability in users mind, we used blue color pallet as the theme color. To ease the user experience we used simple icons and images.


Developed 3D Models

SLocker will have the traditinal locker shape and it will consist a numerical keypad at the front and a fingerprint sensor too. So that the users can either use the pin, fingerprint or they can use their SLocker mobile app to unlock the locker. Inside the locker there is a sensor to detect whether the user has forgot something inside the locker. If so then a notification will be sent the relevant user informing that they have left some goods and this notification will also be sent to the admin so they will also be notified. All the electronic items will be controlled by the nodeMCU inside the box which is powered by direct current and also by a backup battery in case of a powerout.

Basic Demonstration of controlling NodeMCU Through the app

SLocker Demonstration Video

Web App Demo


Android Application Testing

So far some integration tests were implemented to test the authentication processes of the application and you can check our git repo for further details.

Android App Testing Demonstration




Android Application

Add Reservation

Cancel Reservation

Lock Unlock Feature

Web Application


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Dr. Isuru Nawinne

Senior Lecturer


Dr. Mahanama Wickramasinghe

Senior Lecturer



Nimnad Mihiranga


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Shamod Geevinda

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