Group 15 - Smart Energy Management System


Table of Contents

  1. About our project
  2. Implementation
  3. References
  4. Links

About our project

Our smart power management system is an intelligent system that allows users to monitor and control their energy consumption in real-time. The system uses ESP8266/ESP32-based controllers to collect data from energy meters and other appliances, and then uses that data to optimize power usage patterns.


As reference for our system we have referred to an energy meter system which is created using

ESP32. But in that system there is no comparison between the power consumption of multiple devices and device controlling. So in our system we hope to do that improvement using OPC UA.

Here are some further details about that system:

Overall, the Electricity Energy Meter project provides a cost-effective and user-friendly way of monitoring energy usage in homes, offices, and other settings. It can be easily implemented using the ESP32 microcontroller, SCT-013 and ZMPT101B sensors, and the Blynk Application.


IoT Based Smart Electricity Energy Meter using ESP32 -

ESP32 AC Power Meter -