Automated Notification System for Examinations

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Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Solution
  3. Data Flow
  4. ER Diagram of the Database
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Normally holding examinations is not that easy. From making the paper to finalizing the marks, it has different phases that different lecturers are engaging in order to complete an examination completely.

Following are the sample procedure an examination of our department,

There are staff members who are incharge for each of these phases and there are deadlines for these as well.

Then those lecturers are supposed to complete these phases on or before the given deadlines. Several lecturers are engaging in these phases and also since they are tightly busy with their schedules there can be some mistakes like forgetting the deadlines. Therefore, we need to have a system to track the progress of the procedure and a reminder system to get the work done within the given time in order to finish the examinations as expected and send the results to the AR office.

Our solution

With this Automated Notification System that we are expecting to develop, the reminders will be sent automatically to the assigned lecturers before the deadlines. Due dates will be checked before like 3 days(this can be changed according to the department requirement). The body of the email will differ according to the different phases.

Data Flow

Data Flow

ER Diagram of the Database

ER Diagram

Steps of the implementation

STEP 01 : Get google sheet data and store in a database

Google Account Setup

Installation Procedure

(steps are given to run the system in PythonAnywhere, after creating the keys.json file using config,ini and

Manual running