Development of an Image Capturing Unit for Remote Monitoring

Problem Definition

Do you struggle with maintaining an efficient security,surveillance and monitoring system?

Nowadays managing and maintaining security,surveillance and monitoring system is expensive , time consuming , unreliable. Users have to actually be present in the location 24/7 in order to monitor their assets. Managing them using third parties is also unreliable and expensive.Is this possible in reality?

Nope! What if the company needs to monitor their assets far away from distant? What if a doctor needs to monitor his/her patient far away remotely? What if parents need to take care of their children far away from home?

Background & Motivation

The above mentioned problem has led us to the concept of remote monitoring. Remote Monitoring Systems have the ability to gather data about the object under investigation, transmit the data via cloud servers and provide the users with good service response time.

As mentioned above maintaining and managing a security,surveillance and monitoring system is going to be expensive,time consuming and unreliable. Therefore it will be more efficient if we can build a cheap image capturing unit for remote monitoring that will be useful to visualize the object under investigation, collect the captured images and transmit them to undergo further analysis and decision making process.

Proposed Solution

Our image capturing unit is going to act as a service client from which user can monitor their assets, family or patients far away remotely at anytime, anywhere. This is going to be highly efficient, less cost,less time consuming,reliable and provide the best user experience to the users.

Nowadays we know that the needness for data is increasing day by day in order to make decisions,increase productivity,make predictions and solutions. The captured images can be used as datasets for building models by data scientists and data analysts. We can also use this for remote control and manage various applications.

The basic design of the project

Sample Image

The Solution Infrastructure

Project Timeline