Poultry Feed Efficiency Tracking System

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poultry industry is the fastest growing livestock industry in Sri Lanka. for the year 2020 poultry contribute to 0.61 of nominal GDP which is 64 % of the total GDP contribution of Sri Lankan livestock. in this scenario one of the most important challenges for this industry is to enhance the productivity while remaining economically and environmentally sustainable

Problem Overview

As we are mainly focusing on chicken, feeding represents the major cost in raising of both broiler and layer chickens, thus it is a must to track the poultry feed efficiency in order to get the best out of it. but there are many problems in tracking this feed efficiency manually.

Problems in tracking poultry feed efficiency manually

so to overcome these problems we have planned to implement electronic database approach. Which has any Benefits.

Advantages of electronic database approach

so we are developing a mobile application which uses this kind of database. Now let’s see why we need a mobile application?

Why we need a mobile Application?

here you may think why can’t we use existing mobile applications for this purpose. Because, there are some problems in that.

Why can’t we use existing mobile applications?

So, in order to overcome these issues, we have proposed some solutions.

Proposed Solution

Features of our Application

Technology Stack

Plan of work