Smart Inventory Management System

Component reserving in Smart Inventory Management System

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An online platform is required where, the students have the ability to apply for the inventory that they need for their project work. Also they should be able to submit their designs and get the approval from the department.

Other Sub Topics

Problem overview

The component reserving feature of the smart inventory management system will facilitate students with reserving components which are available. The problems when reserving components are

Proposed Solution

As the solution to the above mentioned problems, different dashboards will be used to handle functions of different users. By using the user dashboard students will be able to reserve component item listed on the page and the number of components available will be displayed and request permission from a lecturer. The status of the order and the details of the order will be displayed in the students dashboard. When the students place the reservation lectureres will be notified through email and lecturers can approve the requested reservations of the students by using the lecturers dashboard. After the approval of the lecturer the reservation details will be directed to the technical officer and the head of department. When neccessary requirements are completed the students can get their reservation on the notified date.

Technology Stack