Smart Lighting System


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An automated lighting system for an apartment that addresses the energy consumption and wastage issues commonly associated with traditional lighting systems. This project aims to provide an intelligent solution to optimize energy usage and enhance user convenience.

Problem Definition

In most households, the lighting system is a major contributor to energy consumption. Leaving lights on when not needed is a common wasteful practice, leading to unnecessary energy usage and increased electricity bills.

Proposed Solution

The proposed solution to this problem is a smart lighting system designed to intelligently manage lighting in an apartment. The system consists of two modes: Auto mode and Security mode.

Auto Mode

In the Auto mode, the system detects the occupancy of a room. If no occupants are present, the lights are automatically switched off to conserve energy. Conversely, when people enter the room, the lights are turned on automatically. Additionally, the intensity of the light bulb is adjusted based on the ambient light in the environment, ensuring optimal lighting conditions.

Security Mode

The Security mode is designed to enhance safety and security within the apartment. When the system is in Security mode, the lights remain switched off. However, if motion is detected in a room, the lights are instantly activated and change color to red, alerting occupants and potentially deterring intruders.

The smart lighting system is accessible through a user-friendly web interface. This interface allows users to monitor relevant room conditions, such as occupancy and light intensity. Furthermore, users can customize threshold values for specific measurements, empowering them to tailor the system’s behavior according to their preferences. The system mode, whether Auto or Security, can also be conveniently set via the web interface.

With the Smart Lighting System, energy wastage due to unnecessary lighting can be significantly reduced. Simultaneously, the system offers enhanced security features and a convenient user experience, making it an ideal choice for modern apartments.