Chess Revolution

welcome to a new chapter that marks the dawn of a new era in the world of chess Our project revolves around addressing key challenges faced by chess enthusiasts, both visually impaired and sighted.


Real Moves

Real moves will manifest in real-time on the physical chess board

Mobile App

Long-distance players can engage in captivating matches using the app


Addressing the challenges faced by both visually impaired and sighted chess enthusiasts, our project aims to create a universally accessible chess platform. Locating opponents of similar skill levels for over-the-board games poses a common hurdle for players, limiting the availability of challenging matches. Additionally, digital platforms bring their own set of issues, including difficulties in maintaining focus and an aggressive playstyle during online chess games. These challenges impact the overall quality of the digital chess experience. Our goal is to overcome these obstacles, providing an inclusive and enjoyable chess environment that caters to the diverse needs of players, whether they prefer traditional over-the-board play or digital platforms.


To address the challenges faced by chess enthusiasts, both visually impaired and sighted, we have developed an innovative solution that seamlessly integrates a physical chess board with a mobile app. This unique combination allows players to choose opponents from our community or engage in games with friends and even international counterparts, all while enjoying the authentic experience of playing with a physical board. By merging the tangible and digital aspects of chess, our solution enhances the gaming experience, providing real moves and real-time interactions. This approach not only caters to the diverse preferences of players but also fosters a sense of connection and engagement within the chess community.

The Future is Here

Welcome to the future of innovation, where a project is leading the charge with groundbreaking solutions that defy expectations. Our journey is fueled by passion, creativity, and a relentless pursuit of excellence. At Smart Chess, we don't just dream of the future; we create it. Our commitment to innovation knows no bounds, and our results speak for themselves.

High Level Architecture

Solution Architecture

Cloud Architecture

Login & Signup UIs

Chess Game UIs

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3D Model


    • Database Security

    • MongoDB Atlas IP Whitelisting
    • Virtual Private Cloud Peering
    • Use TLS/SSL Encryption
    • Cognito Services

    • Password Encryption
    • JSON Web Tokens
    • Amazon EC2

    • Amazon Inspector
    • VPC Isolation
    • Hardware Security

    • Secure Communication over Bluetooth


Item Quantity Unit Cost Total
ESP32 Board 1 2950 LKR 2950 LKR
Nema17 Stepper Motors 2 2400 LKR 4800 LKR
Stepper Motor Drivers (A4988) 2 400 LKR 800 LKR
Electro Magnet (5kg holding force) 1 2100 LKR 2100 LKR
12V Power Supply Unit 1 1700 LKR 1700 LKR
Buck Converters 2 1050 LKR 2100 LKR
Multiplexers (SparkFun-CD74HC4067) 4 550 LKR 2200 LKR
Steel Rods 2 2050 LKR 4100 LKR
Magnets 32 18 LKR 600 LKR
8 pin Ribbon Cables 8 56 LKR 450 LKR
GT2 Timing Belts 3 (metres) 500 LKR 1500 LKR
GT2 Pulleys 2 600 LKR 1200 LKR
GT2 Toothless Pulleys 4 1100 LKR 4400 LKR
Arcade Buttons 2 200 LKR 400 LKR
Micro Limit Switcher Roller 4 470 LKR 1880 LKR
A3144 Hall Effect Sensors 70 47 LKR 3300 LKR
TIP120 Transistor 1 50 LKR 50 LKR
Foamboards 1 1600 LKR 1600 LKR
Chess Pieces & Board Sticker 1 2000 LKR 2000 LKR

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