Department Space Management System - SharedSpaces

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Table Of Contents

  1. Overview
  2. Problem
  3. Proposed Solution
  4. UI Design
  5. Technology Infrastructure
  6. Data Flow
  7. Back-End End Points
  8. Features and Functionalities
  9. Links


A system to manage the common spaces like labs , conference rooms , discussion rooms and a lunch room in the department. Lecturers and instructors should have access to book the common spaces if they are available. As an example , Let’s say the lecturer wants to book Computer Lab 01 but it is already booked in the particular time slot. Then the lecturer can add him/her to the waiting list. Whenever the previous reservation is canceled, the lecturer will get a notification about the cancellation with a request to confirm the reservation. Then the lecturer just has to confirm or cancel the reservation.


Efficiently manage reservations in shared spaces such as labs, lecture rooms, conference rooms, etc. Unorganized reservations result in conflicts, multiple bookings, and difficulty tracking reservations. The unavailability of a responsible person to have administrative privileges over the booking may result in unauthorized changes and cancellations.

Proposed Solution

Develop a reservation management system with a proper user hierarchy to efficiently resolve scheduling conflicts.

Proposed Prototype

UI Design

ui home

Technology Infrastructure

For the design of the layouts, these technologies were used.


Data Flow

data flow

Back-End End Points







Features And Functionalities


Basic Features

Additional Features

Home page

The home page of our department’s space management system website displays a list of available spaces that can be reserved. Users can then proceed to the calendar section on the same page, where time slots are displayed for making reservations. To make a reservation, the user selects the desired space and specifies the date and time for the reservation. Once the reservation is confirmed, it is displayed in the corresponding time slot on the calendar. To access the reservation system, users are required to log in using their Google account credentials. This helps to ensure the security of the system and protect user information.


Additionally, users can filter the available spaces by capacity and facilities, such as air conditioning (AC), projector and more.


Manage Reservations Page

The “Manage Reservations” page on our department’s space management system website provides users with information about confirmed reservations and waiting lists, along with their corresponding details. Additionally, users are able to cancel reservations from this page if needed. This page serves as a central hub for reservation management, allowing users to easily view and manage their reservations in one place.

manage res