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Table of Contents

  1. Overview
  2. Problem Overview
  3. Proposed Solution
  4. Technology Stack
  5. Design And Implementation


There are many problems in the current attendance marking system such as, human errors, time wastage, inefficiency etc… To overcome those problems we will develop a mobile application with additional features such as, parents/guardians can check the students attendee, they can communicate with administrators/teachers, a notification to alert the absence of a student etc…

Problem Overview

Human Error:

Manual systems heavily rely on human intervention, such as teachers or staff taking attendance. This can cause errors, such as accidental miscounts, incorrect marking, or even intentional manipulation.


Manually taking attendance for each class can be time-consuming, especially in larger educational institutions. Teachers or staff members need to allocate a significant amount of time to mark attendance, which could be better utilized for teaching or other administrative tasks.


Manual attendance systems can be inefficient, particularly when it comes to collecting and processing attendance data. The process of transferring attendance records into spreadsheets or databases can be prone to mistakes, and searching for specific attendance records becomes more troublesome as the number of students and classes increases.

Lack of real time information and Limited accessibility

Parents don’t have access to information like how many days that the student was absent with traditional attendance management system because they are stored in papers and files. Or weather the student attend the school in a specific day.

Limited data analysis

Traditional attendance management systems can’t be used to analyze or predict something using data they have. There can be situations teachers/parents/administrators need to analyze/predict somethings based on the attendance records.

Difficulty in calculating absentee

Calculating absentee is a time consuming and hard task with using traditional attendance recording system. It may be subject to errors too.

To overcome these failures, many educational institutions have started adopting automated attendance systems, such as biometric scanners, RFID cards, or mobile applications, which offer more accuracy, efficiency, and real-time data availability. In this project we focus on making a mobile application to overcome the above mentioned problems and add additional features.

Proposed Solution

A mobile application with the following features.

  1. Administrator: They create classes, assign teachers, and manage student details like personal information and contacts.
  2. Class Teacher: They create classes, assign students from approved lists, and handle student assignments/removals.
  3. Attendance Marking: Class teachers use the system to mark daily attendance. Notifications are sent to parents/guardians, who can add absence notes or inform the teacher of any discrepancies.
  4. Attendance Reporting: The principal or authorized personnel can access attendance data, view counts by date, class, grade, or section, and analyze attendance patterns. In summary, the system simplifies attendance management, promotes communication with parents/guardians, and provides comprehensive reports for analysis.

Technology Stack

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Some key features of Android Studio that benefited the development process include:

Design and Implementation:

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