Inventory Management System of the Agricultural Biotechnology Centre


Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. ER Diagram
  3. Relational Mapping
  4. Tech Stack


About 🌐

The Inventory Management System of the Agricultural Biotechnology Centre serves as a platform that links all the labs and their associated documents concerning chemicals and consumables. This system streamlines paperwork, offering a user-friendly environment that simplifies management tasks. By doing so, it not only saves time but also eliminates the need for hurried searches to locate chemicals.

Problem 🔍

The process of managing chemicals and consumables involves a substantial amount of documentation. Typically, in other departments across the university, chemicals are distributed to students by technical officers, and the usage is recorded on paper. However, situation in Agricultural Biotechnology Centre is distinct. Here, students have the freedom to access chemicals from labs for their activities without any restrictions, and unfortunately, no records are kept regarding the consumption of these chemicals and consumables.

This situation leads to a challenge: the technical officers are unaware of the extent of chemical and consumable usage, and this lack of information can sometimes persist until the last moment. Compounded by the current procedures within the faculty and the procurement process in Sri Lanka, the acquisition of new chemicals can take more than two years in some cases. Therefore, there is a pressing need for a system that can track the consumption of chemicals, enabling proactive ordering of new supplies.

Additionally, another issue is the difficulty in locating chemicals. Without precise information about their whereabouts, finding specific chemicals becomes quite challenging.

Solution 💡

Our web platform is set to revolutionize the management of chemical and consumable resources within our academic setting. Students can effortlessly log their chemical usage, providing real-time updates, while technical officers gain insights into remaining quantities. Our innovative alert system notify officers as quantities approach predefined levels, ensuring timely restocking. Urgent alerts signal excessive consumption, prompting swift action. Additionally, a user-friendly search feature simplify tracking chemicals and their locations. By centralizing labs and streamlining documentation, our platform eliminates paperwork, saving time and offering comprehensive solutions for efficient inventory management.

ER Diagram

Relational Mapping

Use Case Diagram

Tech Stack

Front End

Technologies Used: React, Javascript, HTML5, TailwindCSS, Bootstrap

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Back End

Technologies Used: Springboot, Node.js, MySQL

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