Training Management System

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Training Management System of the Staff Development Centre(SDC) in University of Peradeniya, helps staff members to learn and grow their professional carrier, through various activities. But the Training Management System currently lacks an automation system. The objective of this project is to design and develop an automation system for the training management system at SDC.

Problem 🔍

The Staff Development Centre faces challenges due to manual and fragmented processes in managing training programs.

Proposed Solution💡

Design and develop an automation system that addresses the following specific challenges.

Intended Users


Individuals looking to enroll in courses, engage with SDCs, and enhance their skills.

Staff Development Centre

The SDC is the central entity responsible for creating, organizing, and overseeing courses on the platform

Resource Person

Experienced professionals, mentors who conduct lectures for the participants —

Tech Stack

Front End

Technologies Used: React, Javascript, HTML5, TailwindCSS

React :

JavaScript :

Tailwind CSS :


Back End

Technologies Used: Springboot, Node.js, Spring Security, JSON Web Token

Spring Boot :

Node.js :

Spring Security:

JSON Web Token (JWT):