AIESEC Local Committee Management System

Streamlines tasks, making committee management easier than ever before.

❓Problem Domain

AIESEC’s current management system, based on Google apps, faces issues with:

Data Insecurity

"Using Google Apps for management often resulted in data insecurity, as sensitive information was vulnerable to breaches and lacked proper encryption measures."


"The previous reliance on Google Apps for management led to inefficiencies in workflows and communication, causing delays and hindering productivity."

Poor User Experience

"Users frequently faced a subpar experience with the previous Google Apps setup, struggling with its complex interface and limited customization options, which hindered their overall satisfaction."

💭 Solutions

We’re developing a new system focused on:

  • 🔐 Robust Security : Through tiered user access.
  • 🤖 Automation : Streamlining repetitive tasks.
  • ✨ Enhanced UX: A unified, user-friendly platform.

⚙️ Functionality

iGV - Incoming Global Volunteer

  • Project management
  • Slot management
  • Application management
  • Email automation system
  • Work reminder notificationsEmail automation system
  • Post-arrival project participant management
  • Partner organizations management system

iGT - Incoming Global Talent

  • Internship opportunities system
  • Application management
  • Partner organization system
  • New partnership system

oGT & oGV - Outgoing Global Talent/Volunteer

  • Applicants selection system
  • Marketing campaign system
  • Application management
  • Opportunities management system
  • Work reminder notificationsEmail automation system
  • Auto-suggestions for Applicants


  • Campaign management
  • Content management (photos, videos, posts, blogs)

Business Development

  • Market research & cold calls system
  • Revenue dashboard
  • Member target system


  • Finance report publishing portal
  • Finance data collection (for future budgets and more)

People Management

Note: Managed by the People Management team but accessible to all members.

  • Task management system (with reminders & member performance metrics)
  • Interview management tool
  • Opportunities hub (local, national, and international)
  • Event and special announcement notifications
  • Opportunities hub (local, national, and international)
  • Confidential member feedback (accessible only to President & VPs)
  • Achievement badges for member profiles
  • Training resources hub







Prof. Roshan G. Ragel


Team 20 members

Sanka Peeris


Dhanushka De Silva


Dinuka Avinash


Manodya Senevirathne