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This directory contains the instructions for the maintenance of the content present in this repo.

Overall Website

Directory structure of this repo.

├── marks/
│   ├──CO221/
│   │   └── 2016
│   ├──CO222/
│   │   ├── 2016
│   │   ├── 2017
│   │   ├── 2018
│   │   └── 2020
│   ├──CO224/
│   │   └── 2015
│   └──CO321/
│       └── 2015
    ├── sinhalaocr
    ├── config
    └── unixone

URL structure after this repo is integrated into ce.pdn.ac.lk

Contact kisarul[at]eng[dot]pdn[dot]ac[dot]lk

Shell scripts


Maintenance routine instructions

Contact kisarul[at]eng[dot]pdn[dot]ac[dot]lk


How to update marks for a subject?

Example: updating marks for CO222 2016

  1. See if page https://cepdnaclk.github.io/sites/marks/CO222/2016/ works.
  2. Edit https://github.com/cepdnaclk/cepdnaclk.github.io/blob/master/sites/marks/CO222/2016/marks.csv
    When you click edit, it will automatically be forked to your personal account. You have to edit the file in your personal fork.
  3. Send a pull request
    FROM: https://github.com/YOURNAME/cepdnaclk.github.io/ (master branch)
    TO: https://github.com/cepdnaclk/cepdnaclk.github.io/ (master branch)
    Usually these pull requests are accested every few hours. If it is urgent, please contact anyone listed on https://github.com/orgs/cepdnaclk/teams/cepdnaclk-github-io-admins
  4. Once the pull request is accepted, the marks are visible at https://cepdnaclk.github.io/sites/marks/CO222/2016/
  5. (Optional) After routine (weekly) transfers, the marks will appear on http://www.ce.pdn.ac.lk/sites/marks/CO222/2016/ as well.
    If you want to do the transfer urgently, please contact kisarul[at]eng[dot]pdn[dot]ac[dot]lk.

How to add marks for a subject for the first time?

Example: You want to add marks for 2025 CO222.

  1. Confirm that no one has started to add marks for this subject by visiting https://cepdnaclk.github.io/sites/marks/CO222/2025/.
    If you get a 404 NOT FOUND error, look at (2)
    Else, someone has started adding marks for this subject. Look at https://cepdnaclk.github.io/maintenance/#how-to-update-marks-for-a-subject
  2. Contact gihanjayatilaka[at]eng[dot]pdn[dot]ac[dot]lk and ask him to create the subject or complete this documentation.