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This page contains the supplementary material to http://www.ce.pdn.ac.lk/research/wearable-computing/, http://www.ce.pdn.ac.lk/facilities/cambio-wearable-computing-lab/ and http://www.ce.pdn.ac.lk/projects/ > Wearable Computing.

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Our Team

Academic Staff


  • Mabeesha Wijekoon (Undergraduate thesis student) [Email]
  • Rahal Mewadawwa (Undergraduate thesis student)
  • Dinuka Chathuranga (Undergraduate thesis student)


  • Computer gaming
    • Biofeedback Inputs for First Person Shooter Games (E12)
      • Sanjeeva Kumara, Chamini Perera, Sasitha Rajapaksha, Titus Nanda Kumara, Isuru Nawinne, Roshan Ragel.
      • [Web,Add link to thesis here]
    • Hybrid Dynamic Difficulty Adjustment for Computer Games (E13)
    • Reinforcement Learning for Dynamic Difficulty Adjustment in FPS Games (E14)
  • ECG Based emotion detection
    • Emotion based safety measures for drivers (E12)
    • An Optimal Set of Features for ECG based Human Emotion Recognition (E13)
  • EEG and EMG
    • Realtime Movements in Human Controlled Robots (E12)
      • Amila Ukwaththage, Asanka Kumara, Thushani Kallamullage, Titus Nanda Kumara, Isuru Nawinne, Roshan Ragel.
      • Add link to thesis here


  • T Dissanayake, Y Rajapaksha, R Ragel, I Nawinne. An Ensemble Learning Approach for Electrocardiogram Sensor Based Human Emotion Recognition Sensors 19 (20), 4495 [Abstract, PDF, Cite]


  • Theekshana Dissanayake (Undergraduate thesis student, graduate researcher) : now at Queensland University of Technology. [Linkedin, Researchgate]
  • Yasitha Rajapaksha (Undergraduate thesis student) : now at XXXX. [LinkedIn, Researchgate]
  • Titus Nanda Kumara (Undergraduate thesis student, graduate researcher) : now at Western Sydney University. [Researchgate, Google scholar,Email]
  • Brian Udugama (Undergraduate thesis student) : now at Qubits lab, University of Peradeniya.
  • Amila Ukwaththage (Undergraduate thesis student)
  • Asanka Kumara (Undergraduate thesis student)
  • Thushani Kallamullage (Undergraduate thesis student)
  • Ching Tien Shi (Undergraduate thesis student) : now at wso2
  • Vimukthi Perera (Undergraduate thesis student) : now at wso2
  • Sanjeeva Kumara (Undergraduate thesis student)
  • Chamini Perera (Undergraduate thesis student)
  • Sasitha Rajapaksha (Undergraduate thesis student)