Unix One: An Introduction to the
Unix Command Interface

Visvanath Ratnaweera

For the Linux Initiative
Faculty of Engineering, University of Peradeniya

11 January - 14 February 2017
Course URL: https://feels.pdn.ac.lk/course/view.php?id=346


’Unix One’ will take someone with no knowledge of Unix commands to being able to move confidently in a text terminal.

Through completion of class work the participants will be able to:

1 Introduction, Your first log in
 1.1 Why use a command interface
 1.2 Your login to the Unix shell
 1.3 Your first login
 1.4 Changing the password
 1.5 Logging out
 1.6 Assignment 1
2 A session with Unix
 2.1 Exploring your system environment
 2.2 Screen handling
 2.3 More about ending the session
 2.4 Assignment 2
3 Getting help from the system itself
 3.1 The manual pages
 3.2 GNU info
 3.3 The help option
 3.4 The help command
 3.5 Command completion, command history
 3.6 Assignment for the week
4 Files and directories
 4.1 Handling files
 4.2 Handling directories
 4.3 Assignment for the week
5 Collaboration tools
 5.1 Who are my neighbours
 5.2 Messaging
 5.3 Mail
 5.4 Assignment for the week
6 Text editors
 6.1 The original text editor ’ed’
 6.2 ’Vi’, the visual editor
 6.3 Assignment for the week
 Course summary