Smart Breathalyzer Test


Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Solution Architecture
  3. Hardware & Software Designs
  4. Links


This project is mainly targeted for the Police Department in Sri Lanka. Until now they use conventional balloon test to identify drunk drivers. Providing an easy , efficient and more secure iot based solutions replacing old conventional method our aim is to reduce the chance of escaping such situations by bribing.

Our project is to innovate a digital alcohol meter equipment communicating with a secured database-system with a user friendly GUI. We are aiming to produce two of such devices. These devices interact with the remote central server along with other local servers which will be located at regional police departments.These devices has their own ids. This method is fully automated such that the police officer has no any authority over the device. Once the police officer checks with the equipment the device automatically does everything to file a legal action against the drunk driver. And also we are developing our database such that only the higher level authority can interact with the informations. Once the data is sent to the remote server it sends a reply to the device requesting driver and vehicle informations which can be entered using the keypad included into the device itself. It is the only thing the police officer has to do.

For this project basically we intend to use

Solution Architecture

Embedded Systems Design

Web and Network Application Design

A GSM module connected at each end is used to communicate between the device and the central server.

GPRS is used to transfer data packets from the end node to the central server via the Internet.

TCP is used as Transport Layer protocols and IP is used as Network Layer Protocol.

Back end

The following technologies are used to develop the back end web application

  1. Node.js with Express

  2. Free web hosting service like AWS

Front end

Computer and Network Security

Driver License Number and Vehicle Number are the data that has to be sent to the central server from the device. Therefore there is not much security aspects involved in the device aspect.

But when considering server

  1. No one should be able to edit, delete, or change data

  2. Accessing website should be secured (Only authorized persons should enter)

  3. Should establish a secure connection between device and server such that no any external device can enter data to server.

Finalized design overview

Hardware and Software Designs

Smart Breathalyzer Design

Smart Breathalyzer Design

3D Print Output

3D Print Output

Final Product Demo Video