Smart Educational Management System


Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Solution Architecture
  3. Hardware & Software Designs
  4. Testing
  5. Links


Smart Educational Management System (SEMS) is specially designed for schools, colleges and institutes to automate the institutional processes. Use of SEMS makes your institution eco-friendly as all data and your reports are stored on the server, the use of paper and files are necessary only when needed. Attendance of students can be marked by taking the fingerprint using a device with an embedded system. SEMS is very affordable and comes with no limits on the number of students, teachers and parent logins. This system is highly secured and the automation helps in reducing costs and brings a lot of savings for you.

Solution Architecture

Smart Attendance Marking System (SAMS)


Hardware and Software Designs

Milestone 1-Project Evaluation one What we have completed up to now Finger print end node -Taking inputs from finger print sensor -Enter ID from each user -Enroll, Search, back function implementation We are capable of

Enroll a new user Search for a enrolled user

Web app -Implemented user login registration -Implemented retrieving and storing from Mysql DB using php backend

Changes made -As with more relational connections occured in EER diagram we tend to use MySQL(realtional) instead of firebase(non-realtional)


Test plan PDF