This is an attempt to implement a CLI tool for the following paper.

M.C.M. Rajapakse, K.K. Wijesundara, R. Nascimbene, C.S. Bandara, R. Dissanayake, Accounting axial-moment-shear interaction for force-based fiber modeling of RC frames, Engineering Structures, Volume 184, 2019, Pages 15-36,ISSN 0141-0296, https://doi.org/10.1016/j.engstruct.2019.01.075.

People: [Pubudu Premathilaka], [Suneth Samarasinghe]

Advised by: Dr. Kushan Wijesundara and [Sameera Hippola)

Project summary

The main objective of this project was to find the time and memroy efficient way of computing the results.

Please note

This work was done as a partial requirement for CO328 Software Engineering) course. **This implementation consists of the linear and non linear region analysis **