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Chess is one of the most popular and oldest board games played by millions of people worldwide. But still there are some difficulties chess players face which limits them to enjoy this game to its fullest.

When chess players have trouble finding competent opponents in their locality, they try online chess on a mobile or desktop application. We found out that most of the professional as well as casual chess players are more likely to play chess game on a physical chess board rather than on a mobile or desktop screen.

problem picture

Many chess players have stated that they have trouble in focusing and attacking aggressively during games played through mobile or desktop applications. And also, they have confessed that when playing using the physical chess board, they get to touch the pieces as they make a move, and this really draws them into the game.


Our solution is an IOT platform which will provide the grand usual chess board experience to whom that need online chess.

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About Product

Vision of the Product:

The vision of the chessMATE is to add a cool online chess game experience on everyday lives of people. Our endeavour is to give people more human experience with the new next generation technology.

Product Overview:

Our product consists of two main sections; an electrically powered chess board (Smart chess board) and a mobile app.

In order to start a game, first you need to connect the board with the mobile app. Next you have to connect to an opponent who is registered on our platform via the mobile app. Then you can start the game.

When you make a move on your chess board, that move is sent to the chess board and mobile app of the opponent and the path of the move is displayed along with the start and end squares on the chess board owned by the opponent using the LEDs on the board. Then the opponent is required to manually place the specific chess piece moved by you on the correct end square in order to continue the game.

The main game mode we offer to our clients is the Board Vs Board game mode. Further the Board Vs App and App Vs App game modes can be experienced by the chessMATE clients.

High-Level Architecture

Given below diagram shows the high-level architecture of our solution.


3D Model of our Product

3D model

3D model_compartments

User Interfaces for Mobile Application

These are our currently implemented user interface designs.

UI_Design 1

UI_Design 2

UI_Design 3

Cloud Architecture

cloud architecture image

Mobile App Demonstrations



PCB Designs

PCB Main unit

PCB Compartment unit

Test Summary


Test Results

Mobile App Testing


Server and Database Testing

Client Connection Establishments

Client connection establishment testing

Get all available online users

Get all online users testing

Check multiple games between multiple pairs of players

New game client1 client2 testing

New game client3 client4 testing

Client 1 and Client 2

Moves client1 client2 testing

Client 3 and Client 4

Moves client3 client4 testing

Check database access and queries

When a new player sign-in into the platform a new record will be created in the database

Database access and queries sign in testing

When a player log into the platform his login information will be checked in the database

Database access and queries login testing

Embedded System Testing

System Testing



Budget of the Product

Budget of the Product

Advising Lecturers