Department Postgraduate Course Page

Table of Contents

  1. Overview
  2. Problem
  3. Proposed Solution
  4. UI Design
  5. Technology Infrastructure
  6. Data Flow
  7. Features and Functionalities
  8. Project Team
  9. Links


This project contains a web site which will give information about the postgraduate courses offered by the Computer Engineering Department University of Peradeniya. After graduating most of the students are seeking opportunities for higher studies.

The Computer Engineering Department of the University of Peradeniya also offers many postgraduate courses for those students. Currently, the available web page is lack of details about the courses and content coverage. So, the main intention of this project is to design a very detailed course page for postgraduates. Existing web site only contains about the PhD and MPhil research based programmes.


The available course page contains only the research-based postgraduate courses. Although the department does not offer any teaching postgraduate courses, the department is planning to offer around 25 teaching postgraduate courses including technical electives in near future. So, the department is in a need of a new postgraduate course page.

Proposed Solution

UI Design

Following figures are the figma designs for the proposed solution.

Home Page All-Courses Page Single-Course Page

Technology Infrastructure

These technologies were used to design the layouts.

Data Flow

User can access postgraduate course pages through the department website.


By clicking pg course page user can see the pg course programmes and other course related details offered by the department

Features and Functionalities

Navigation bar has three tabs which are Home, All Courses and Staff.

Home page

This page consits a description to postgraduate courses in Computer Engineering Department and also the durations of the courses. Also, options availbale for the postgraduates who are willing to follow those programmes.

All courses page

This has a dropdown menue to choose the course type. Available course types are

User can also choose the “All” option which will display all the courses under above course categories. Each couse card contains

Single course page

This page describes the relevant course with more details. Main features of the course page are,

Project Team

Product Owner

Scrum Master

Project Developers