SnaT Meal Tracking App


Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Technology Stack
  3. Solution Architecture
  4. Features
  5. Work Plan
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 SnaT(Snap and Track) is a first application available in both iOS, and Android that is built based on Sri Lankan food style so that Users can maintain their meal progress and maintain their health by taking AI assisted food statistics.

 Promoting mHealth for the betterment of community health is an ongoing intervention which is timely. The world is passing through a digital era, and Sri Lanka has also shown a rapid tendency towards this in recent times. This is currently being used mostly to create a healthy dietary modification in the community. According to the literature, person informatics and self-tracking systems are most useful to proceed personal dietary modification and its ths self reflection towards healthy eating. For this, the most widely used meal tracking application in the world is new to Sri Lanka. Also, self-reflecting on one’s eating pattern by tracking the photos of the food one has taken is another unique thing.

 Therefore SnaT is a novel meal tracking app which has been developed in a Sri Lankan context to fulfill those identified gaps in the community. Currently SnaT has been developed in which to track meals in adult population and it is consisting with a very simple concept of balanced meal by all food groups which is very easy to understand by the normal population spontaneously. Therefore, SnaT, combined with digital technology , will make a great contribution to promoting a healthy diet in the Sri Lankan community.

Taking picture of food

Technology Stack

These technologies were used to create the application.


Why Flutter?

Firestore and Firebase

Why Firestore and Firebase?


Git is a DevOps tool used for source code management. It is a free and open-source version control system used to handle small to very large projects efficiently. We used the Git to tracking changes in our source code and easy to work with the team members.

Solution Architecture


Maintain Meal Details

Select the date (if same day , no need to select date), meal type , the relevant food from the list (if that food is not in the list user able to enter that food to the relevant food group) and quantity according to the suggested unit. Users can edit and delete data by selecting the date.

Added Meals Search and add meals Adding Meals


User can see the daily/ Monthly/weekly results according to the food groups whether they are beyond the expected range, within the expected range or below the expected range by charts.

Daily report Weekly report

Connect to social media

Users can share their results to social media directly from the app.

Share Screenshot

Work plan