SnaT Meal Tracking App


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  1. Introduction
  2. Technology Stack
  3. Solution Architecture
  4. Features
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This is a multi-platformed application to track user’s Meals in order to give feedback about state of nutrition consumption of the user over a some time period.This application is based on SriLankan food culture and it features comprehensive food database.

The app contains user-friendly interfaces that allows user to have great experience. The home page shows the list of main course meals such as breakfast,lunch and dinner and also snaks.Let’s think you want to add your lunch, you can click on that button and add the meal with the sizes.In addition, there is a feature which facilitate to take picture of your food and save it into a gallery with respect to the relavant date and also the respective course meal. User can navigate through the app bar and find more features that are offered from this app.This app generate attractive graphs which are showing the state of nutrition consumption of the user over a specific time period.

Taking picture of food

Technology Stack

tech stack

Solution Architecture






This app provide two sign in methods. User can first sign up using an email and a password and then they can proceed with sign in.Other than that user can simply use google sign in method.

How does it work?

To sign in, first the app should get authentication credentials from user. For this app credential can be email and password or the oAuth token from google. Then the app pass these credential to Firebase Authentication SDK.After that it will verify those credentials and return respose to the app.Now, the app can access the user’s basic profile information.


User Registration

For the registration purposes, the user is required to enter username, date of birth, gender, height and weight.This details use for other features.

Ex:- BMI calculator


BMI calculator


Maintain images of meals


App Notification


Language Translation