Introducing MEDNET: Revolutionizing the Patient Management System

MEDNET is a web application designed to streamline and enhance the process of patient management. Developed with the aim of improving healthcare delivery, MEDNET provides healthcare providers with an efficient and user-friendly platform to handle patient information, monitor treatment progress, and enhance communication among healthcare teams.

Our Aim

In most hospitals, old file systems are used to keep the track of patient’s information. Our aim is to replace that with smart management system which will provide many benefits to whole medical staff and patients including their care givers.

Key Features

  1. Efficient Patient Management
  2. No papers at all
  3. Doctors, consultants and nurses are connected to one platform
  4. Only one time registration for patients
  5. Past medical history of a patient can be viewed efficiently
  6. Enhanced resource management
  7. Remote patient monitoring
  8. Data driven decision making

Technology Stack

Additional features

Mail service to alert medical officiers.
Role based Authentication System
Secure sensitive data using Authorization and encodings


Full stack web application to implement a hospital management system. Users in this applications are Administration, Doctors, Nurses, Adnission clerks and Care givers. Seperate API have deveoloped for all functions. Including Spring security , encryption and Json Web token to protect sensitive data using Authorization and Authentication

Our Team

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