Welcome to Library Management System



The library management system provides a user-friendly interface for both library staff and members. It offers a catalog where members can search for books, view their availability, and reserve copies if necessary. For available books, the system displays detailed information such as the number of copies available and their location within the library. In case all copies are currently lent out.

Registered members of the library can reserve copies and receive email notifications once their reserved books are returned. They are then provided with a fixed number of days to borrow the reserved book before it returns to the shelf.

Library staff members with appropriate administrative privileges can effortlessly update the book inventory, record borrowing and returning transactions, and access member details. The system allows staff members to view personal information of members, lists of books currently lent to them along with their due dates, and a history of their recent borrowings. Additionally, staff members can view comprehensive book details, including availability status, ensuring efficient management of the library’s collection.

Key Features