Engineering Education Unit

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Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Problem Domain
  3. Solution Architecture
  4. Functions of application
  5. Data Flow
  6. Control Flow
  7. Technology Stack
  8. Team
  9. Links


EEU is a comprehensive web application, offers a dynamic platform to facilitate learning, connect educators and students, and provide resources on a global scale. It co-ordinates activities in the areas of staff development, curriculum development, provision of audio - visual facilities for educational purposes and freshman orientation.

Problem Domain

1. Previous website is not a User Friendly One

Sample Image

2. Booking system not functioning

3. Not a dynamic one

4. Low in Security

Solution Architecture

1 . Increase the security
2. User Friendly UI
3. Efficient Booking System

Functions of application

1. User ( Lecturers / Students)

2. Admin

Data Flow

Data Flow

Control Flow

Control Flow

Technology Stack

User interface for Normal Users without Logging in