Digital Signage Content Management System


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Welcome to our Digital Signage Content Management System (CMS) project, where we’re redefining the way you engage with digital screens. Our innovative CMS bridges technology and communication to transform information delivery into an immersive and dynamic experience.

Solving Real-World Problems: In an era driven by digitalization, conveying information effectively and engagingly has become paramount. We recognized this need and set out to create a solution that seamlessly manages and displays content on various digital screens. Our Digital Signage CMS is here to revolutionize communication.

Impact: Our CMS empowers organizations to efficiently manage and schedule content for public displays. Whether you’re a university scheduling lab slots, a business promoting its products, or an event organizer, our CMS simplifies content management, enhancing engagement and interaction.

  1. Smart TV - Public Display

  2. Admin Web Pages

Lab Slots and Hours


Bring lab schedules to life with real-time updates, ensuring optimal resource utilization.


Course Offerings


Explore a world of courses offered by our IT Center, designed to kickstart your academic journey.


Advertisements - Upcoming Events


Experience anticipation as information comes to life through visually captivating event advertisements.


Posters - Previous Events/Achievements


Celebrate achievements and relive memories that shape our IT Center’s story through a gallery-style presentation of posters.


Login System


Kickstart your journey with an authentication gateway, granting access to administrators and course coordinators.


Display Scheduling Process


Discover the orchestration behind scheduling and displaying content across digital screens and smart boards.


  1. Administrator Login: Access the CMS dashboard.
  2. Content Selection: Choose content type: lab schedules, course offerings, advertisements, or posters.
  3. Scheduling: Set start and end times for content.
  4. Backend Logic: CMS backend manages scheduling.
  5. Content Display: Content appears on screens at scheduled times.
  6. Real-Time Updates: Dynamic updates ensure real-time changes are reflected.


Our Digital Signage CMS presents a canvas of innovation and communication, redefining engagement in the digital age. Explore each feature’s unique facets and embrace the fusion of technology and interaction that defines our project.