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Digital Signage Content Management System for IT Center of UoP


Welcome to our Digital Signage Content Management System (CMS) project, where we're redefining the way you engage with digital screens. Our innovative CMS bridges technology and communication to transform information delivery into an immersive and dynamic experience.

Custom-Made for UOP's IT Center: Tailor your digital display effortlessly. Our CMS adapts seamlessly, from university needs to business showcases and beyond.

Solving Digital Challenges: In a digital era, information delivery is key. Our CMS is the solution, revolutionizing content management and communication.

Empowering Diversity: Whether you're scheduling labs, promoting products, or organizing events, our CMS streamlines content management and boosts engagement.

CMS in action

Challenges with Previous Methods

Methods That Were in Practice Before our Project Proposal (August 2023)

Current methods

Outdated methods like manual whiteboard schedules and physical notice boards can't keep up with the digital age. They lack the flexibility to adapt, consume time with manual updates, and incur costs.

Problem Identification

Identifying and addressing the challenges of effectively conveying information on digital screens is crucial in the digital age. Our CMS project began with the recognition of this need.

Common challenges include


Our CMS is a powerhouse of functionality, offering:

  1. Content Creation: A user-friendly interface for versatile content creation.
  2. Content Scheduling: Precise scheduling for targeted content delivery.
  3. Remote Management: Real-time control from anywhere, on any device.
  4. Dynamic Content: Real-time integration for live updates.
  5. Scalability: Adaptable and suitable for organizations of any size.

Content Categories and Workflow

We've got content categories covered with dedicated individuals:

Technology Stack

Our project leverages a technology stack designed for efficiency and scalability:


Officially deployed on premises of IT, Center UoP in Januray 2024. Actively Utilized by the staff members of IT Center till present.

Our CMS is deployed on an Apache web server, ensuring secure and reliable performance. It's designed to work seamlessly with various digital screens, making it a versatile solution for different use cases.


Our Digital Signage CMS project offers a solution that empowers organizations to effectively manage and display content on digital screens. In an era where information dissemination is critical, our CMS bridges the gap and ensures that content is engaging and up-to-date.


Meet the dedicated team behind our Digital Signage CMS project:

Supervised by Dr.Upul Jayasinghe