Smart Shopping Cart


Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Solution Architecture
  3. Hardware & Software Designs
  4. Links


Trolleys are used in supermarket by customers in the modern world. but they remain in the same state without many improvements.

Our target is to develop a smart trolley which satisfies all needful of customers.


As this project is a Unified Project, aspects related to each subjects are as follows.

CO321 - Sense bar code from product which are put in cart Show total bill , discounts , etc in LCD display which is attached in trolley.

CO324 - When consumer put a product in cart, product’s bar code is sent to server in real time and server replay a description of that product for displaying in LCD. Offers and other details are also come from server to cart in real time.

CO325 - There will be many carts in a super market. every cart has it’s own unique private key and communication between server and cart is fully encrypted.

Solution Architecture

Outline of the plan

Hardware and Software Designs

RFID Reader instead of Barcode Scanner

Intial Project Plan we decided to use bracode to identify product,Now we have planned to replace barcode , continue project using RFID reader and tag attached Products.RFID has lot of issuses such as working in presence of electric field but some cases it is good to handle some situations, like counting and detecting no things in Shopping cart. It can read product id and product exp date and name.