How did we design our system?


High Level System Design

We have main 4 components of our system.

The main physical component of our system is the mini greenhouse. The size can be customized according to your preference. For the user to control and monitor the system, there are two interfaces, a mobile application and a web application.

Hardware Design

This is the hardware design of our system.

All the physical components - sensors, actuators and other are presented here. The connections between them, including data connections, control connections, and electricity supply is shown.

Circuit Diagram

The circuit diagram of the system.

We have used a breadboard to connect all the components.


NodeMCU ESP8266 devBoard

We have used NodeMCU Board as our MicroController

12 V to 5 V Stepdown Transformer

We have used a step down transformer to reduce the voltage we get from the main power supply (12 V) to 5 V, which is the voltage many of our components need.

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DH22 Temperature/Humidity Sensor

DH22 Temperature and Humidity Sensor is used to get the Temperature and Humidity values of the Mini GreenHouse

  • Sensitivity: Temperature 0.1 Celcius | Humidity 0.1%RH
  • Operating Change: Temperature (-40) - (80) Celcius
  • Operating Change: Humidity 0-100%RH

Soil moisture Sensor

Soil Moisture Sensor is used to get the SoilMoisture values of the Mini GreenHouse

Ultra Sonic Sensor

HC-SR04 Ulltrasonic Sensor is used to get the plant Height values of the Mini GreenHouse

ADC 12V Power Pack

Converting AC Voltage from Main Grid to 12V DC Voltage Supply which is given to the circuit

Software Design

This is the brief diagram of our full Stack Solutions Architecture. We used Mobile App as our front end and use HTTPS requests to connect to the backend server which is hosted in AWS EC2 Instances. When a HTTPS request is sent from a client, it first meet the Application Load Balancer which is hosted in AWS. Then this requests are forwarded to EC2 instances depending on the api route. These Machines are Equiped with NGINX Proxy servers which are used to provide Extra security to the instances.NGINX Provides,

  • Protetion agains DDOS attacks.
  • IP Whitelisting.

UI/UX Design


Security Design

Our product represents the people who enjoy planting, But if there are Security issues which bothers users to do their hobby, that is a huge flow of our design.. Considering this we have implemented a lot of security features of our product, Above are some of them