The Fastest & Easiest Way To Manage Your Parking Lot

Assign parking spots and manage payments with ease

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About us

The motivation behind our product

  • Urbanization has led to quick and efficient parking being vital.

  • Human-operated parking lots have a lot of inherent flaws.

  • An autonomous parking system could address these issues effectively.

Why choose our product

  • Manual systems are highly inefficient and leads to long queues and waiting times.

  • It is difficult to manage the allocation of parking spaces.

  • Owners cannot easily get an idea of the overall status.

Our objective

We aim at eliminating the overheads and inefficiencies associated with manual parking systems to provide a comprehensive solution that addresses the concerns of both the consumers as well as the owners of the parking lot.


Key Features Of Our Product

Reservation of parking spots

Make reservations in advance and save time

Providing directions to assigned spots

Get directions with our mobile app

Payments made easy

Register through our mobile app for payments

Bird’s-eye view of parking lot

Parking lot owners can manage with ease and collect usage statistics


Product Timeline

Week 7-8:
Backend Design
Week 9-10:
Hardware design
Week 11:
UI and algorithm
Week 12-14:
App development
Week 15:
Cloud deployment
Week 16:
Week 17-18:

Product Demo