Implementation and Testing

The development of the nodes, backend and the frontend consist of several procedures including testing. We expect to expand the features of our product through further development.

UI designs

Web App UI

    A SPA (Single Page Application) was built using React for the Management Portal. The car park owners are able to observe the daily and weekly usage statistics. through graphs in the dashboard, along with the number of users and daily revenue. They also have access to observe the parking spot status of all spots on all floors and details on active and completed reservations on a particular day. They also have access to set an hourly rate suitable for their car park. During power outages, they can choose to enter data manually into the system by providing the vehicle details and the check-in time.

Mobile App UI

    React Native was used to develop the mobile app for the car park users. They can utilize the app to make reservations and to add their vehicle details once registered. The users will get notifications for reservation confirmations and cancellations. Once assigned to a spot by the server, the mobile app will provide clear images to guide the user to the relevant parking spot. The app can also be used to make payments once they are at the exit node.


System Demo


The Plan for Testing

The plan for testing

REST API Testing

The plan for testing The plan for testing The plan for testing The plan for testing

MQTT Protocol Testing

The plan for testing The plan for testing The plan for testing

Management Portal Testing

The plan for testing The plan for testing



Future Additions

  • More detailed statistics for the management portal to make things easier for management. Expand the data storage of the usage statistics and provide an easy way to manage logs.

  • Provide a way to give the location of the parking spot to the car park users in a more dynamic manner to make the mobile app more user friendly.

  • Add a feature in the mobile app to assist the car park users to the parked spot once they get back to the parking lot. (Find My Car)