Development Logs

QuickPark is a work in progress. Scroll down to learn more about the development and progress of our project.


The product development process was re-started. The slides for the recap presentation can be found below.
Recap Presentation


The testing plan was followed and the system was thoroughly tested.


The backend components were integrated with the frontend components.

Cloud deployment

The backend was deployed into AWS cloud environment.

App Development

The mobile app and the management portal were completed.

UI Designs

The UI designs for the mobile app and the management web portal were developed.
UI Demos

Backend REST API

The REST API for the software backend of the system was designed.

MongoDB Database

The database schema from the ER diagram was implemented in MongoDB.

ER Diagram

The Entity Relationship Diagram for the backend database was designed.
ER Diagram

Project Proposal

The project proposal for the project was presented to a panel of supervisors. The slides for the project proposal presentation can be found at the link given below.
Project Proposal