Better Experiance with Smart Shopping Cart

Make your shopping more easy


Smart Shopping Cart is an innovative consumer purcjasing product that is designed to help shoppers' fast-track their shopping experince. The concept of this smart cart will revolutionize the purchasing experience of every buyer.

    • Long waiting queues
    • Waste time on searching products
    • Forget to buy products
    • Safety and health during a pandemic
    • Difficult to display offers
    • Lot of labour for scanning and billing process
    • Customer can purchase the product by just scanning the barcodes printed on the products before adding it to cart
    • Mobile app keeps adding the items in list and the total amount is updated accordingly
    • Customers can scan and remove any item
    • LCD will show the improved bill at each instance
    • Billing will be done automatically
    • Customers can do the bill payment through their preferred payment method
    • Customers will be able to view their digital receipts via app


Solution Architecture

Solution based on our project idea

Data Path

In our system have many data transfer process this is the data transfer flow in software, hardware and server

solution architecture diagram


These are our implementations for our project

Mobile App

Mobile Application developed for the Customer who uses our smart shopping cart

Web App

Web Application developed for the Admin and staffs they can manage the activity and transactions.


Our Hardware system will be placed on the shopping cart


Software and Hardware tesing


solution architecture diagram


Our project plan timeline


We planed to improve the project in this time flow

solution architecture diagram


We are the members who develop this projects

Rilwan M.M.M


Studing at university of peradeniya

Kavinaya Y


Studing at university of peradeniya

Piriyaraj s


Studing at university of peradeniya


The supervisors who give guidance for the project

Dr. Isuru Nawinne

Senior Lecturer

Dr. Mahanama Wickramasinghe

Senior Lecturer